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o(≧∀≦)o -L.O.V.E. NYAPPY-
15 October 2009 @ 02:08 pm
Though I creep LJ journals everyday so don't think I'm too inactive.
Just half inactive.

So, TaeYang's digi single was released today
I pretty much had a heartattack because of it.

And Muse,
Muse is my newest obsession.
I know, about... Half of 3 different Muse songs on Piano.

Hurr hurr.

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19 April 2009 @ 12:09 am

That is pretty much... It.
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05 April 2009 @ 06:40 am
Who did you last say “I love you” to?
My baby, >/////<

Do you regret it?
Not at all. <3

Have you ever been depressed?

Are you a boy or girl?
I'm a girl- No, I'm a boy with big tits.

How do you want to die?

What did you last eat?
*look at my hand in a bowl of Tortillas*

Played any sports?
Badminton is the sport of winners.

Do you bite your nails?

Do you have an attitude?
I guess, from time to time.
I'm more of a sarcastic person.

Do you like someone?
Yes I do, very very much so.

What is your real name?
Anna- No, Kyojangles del Toro Tempura.

Do you hate anyone at the moment?
Hate is a strong word.

Do you miss someone?
Very much so.

Twirl or cut your spaghetti?

Do you tan a lot?
I like being pasty.

Have any pets?

How exactly are you feeling?
Love-sick, and kinda hungry.

Ever eaten food in a car while someone or yourself is driving?
Yeah, who hasn't?

Ever made out in the bathroom?
That would be serious fun.

Are you scared of spiders?

Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?
That's one of the things I want most in the world.

Do you regret anything from your past?
I always do.

What are your plans for this weekend?
Maybe hang out with Taylor and Bryson and when I get home, hopefully talk to my baby.

Do you want to have kids?
Not at all. I'll adopt, but not push a life out of me.

Did you ever kiss someone whose name starts with an M?

Do you type fast?
Yes, I do.

Do you have piercings? How many?

Want any more?
No I don't.

Can you spell well?
My vocabulary is substantially higher than most.

Do you miss anyone from your past?
He's in my present, but I still miss him.

What are you craving right now?
A tall, peurto rican boy, with light brown hair...

Have you ever been on a horse?
Worst thing ever.

Kissed someone in a pick up truck?
I'm not a redneck.

Have you ever broken someone’s heart?
*Laugh* Yes, yes I have.

Have you ever been cheated on?
Technically, I don't know.

Have you made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?
Sadly, I have.

Do you have trust issues?

Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

Do you believe your most recent ex thinks about you?
"You're the prettiest girl I know". He has a girlfriend.

Who was the last person you cried in front of?

Do you give out second chances too easily?
I've started not to, but he gets all the chances he wants.

Is this year the best year of your life?
Yes, I'd say it was.

What was your child hood nickname?
I don't have a childhood nickname, but I have a nickname now.
"The 'Na"

Have you ever walked outside completely naked?
I was tempted to once.

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
I guess.

What is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?
I said "I love you, sweet dreams" to my love.

Are the Teenage years the hardest to go through in life?
People don't know when to keep their mouths the fuck shut. It's annoying.

Can others tell when you’re having an extremely bad day?
Sometimes, yes.

Do you agree with the statement: "Food tastes better after midnight?'
Food tastes different when it's expired.

Does your cat like cheese?
I don't have a cat. That was the most random question ever.

Have you ever stayed home from school just because you were WAY too tired?
No, wait- yeah.

Did you hate being forced to stand and sing the national anthem as a kid?
Patriotism is funny.

How do you feel about Starbucks? Is it addicting?
It's expencive. And no, it's not.

Did you like dunkaroo's, gushers, and fruit rollups and such as a kid?
I still love those snacks!

Speaking of those goodies, do you still like to have them now and then?
... Shouldn't have gave the answer I did for the last question. -_-

When you make someones day, do you feel really good inside?
Certian people, I do.

What color are your eyes?

What's your msn name?
"a n n a longing for what used to be. still, it's hard, hard to see. fragile lives, shattered dreams."

What are your initials?
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13 February 2009 @ 03:58 pm
Caramelldansen - Link Pictures, Images and Photos
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07 February 2009 @ 03:05 pm
kiss & tell

1. first kiss?
Liam. =\

3. did you kiss someone today?

4. will your next kiss be a mistake?
Let's hope not.

5. have you ever kissed in a basement?
*Shudder* Indeed.

9. have you ever kissed someone and hated it?

16. ever kissed anyone whos name started with J?
I WISH. *_____________*

17. did anyone watch you the last time you kissed someone?
Haha! Richard! =D

18. ever kissed a guy named Michael?

19. have you ever kissed in a vehicle?

20. ever kiss a smoker?

21. ever kiss someone with a tattoo?

22. ever kissed someone with there tounge peirced?

23. have you ever kissed a girl?
As a joke.

24. last kiss?
Liam, D<

25. last hug?
I'd have to think about that- CAINE.

26. best hugger you know?

27. do you get hugged every day?
Yeah pretty much.

29. do you love the last person you hugged?
I barely know him, lawl.

31. do you like hugs?

33. worst hugger you know?
No one. XD

34. do your parents hug you alot?

the rest are randoms!

36. do you need blankets to sleep?

37. can you still be friends with your ex?
Yes. XD

38. are you a forgiving person?

39. first thought of the morning?

40. what annoys you the most?
Scene Kids.

41. is there anything bothering you?

42. your relationship status please?
Technically taken.

43. do your parents have facebook accounts?
My mom does.

44. can love last forever?
I don't know.

45. when was the last time you recieved a phone call?

46. 3AM and you get a text, who's it from?
I don't have a cell phone.

47. wheres the person who has your heart?

48. would you be able to date someone who lives farther then 300 miles away?

49. have you ever dated someone more then once?

50. the last thing you cried about?
I don't wanna talk about it.

51. have you ever gotten a really long apology?
Yes, but honestly I believe it was bullshit.

52. did you realize anything today?
Clams are hermaphrodites. XD

53. who made you smile today?

55. what were you doing at 10AM?

56. so im guessing you've got school tomorrow?
No. o-o

57. whats your shirt like?
Fall Out Boy - Dance, Dance.

58. have you the slightest tan?

59. blistex?
Naw, Chapstick.

62. hows your heart?
Pretty, deflated for the time being.

63. where will you be in an hour?
Probably out somewhere.

64. last slap?

65. closest thing to you that is pink?
A Shojo Beat magazine. XD

66. do you and your boyfriend phone or text more?
It'd have to be phone. xD

67. do you think about death alot?
Not entirely.

68. ever got violent for love?
I've kept myself from.

69. are you emotional?

70. ever had a broken heart?

71. pizza pockets are awesome right?
Not really.

72. who makes the best cup of tea?
Either an English man or a Japanese Woman.

73. did you want to hit someone today?

74. do you hate it when someone doesn't text you back?
I wouldn't know.

75. anything touching your feet?
My chair.

76. were you a normal child?
I don't know.

77. anything that you don't like about yourself?

79. what are you waiting for?
My knee to stop hurting.

80. is there someone who you will never forget about, even if you drift apart?

82. are you crushing?
More like, in love.

83. someone cheats on you, can you forgive?

84. would you be a hippie?
Not the drugs, but the other things, yes.

85. last text says?

86. who do you miss?
*pokes the state of new jersey*

87. listening to anything?
HAPPY SKY - Himeyuri

88. what color is your tooth brush?

89. how do you feel about the last person who text you?
No one, no feelings.

90. will this weekend be good?

91. who's on your bad side?
The last person to write this survey.

93. your opinion on love please?
It can suck.

94. how are you feeling?

95. do you have someone who cares alot about you?
I hope he does.

97. do you wear shorts?
I tend to avoid.

98. who last suprised you?
I forget.

99. excited?
Not entirely.

100. do you think someone thinks about you before they sleep?
I think about what I want to tell him.

101. any private text messages?

103. do you know anyone with breast cancer?

104. do you care if people hate you?
Not really.

107. what are you wearing tomorrow?
I have no clue.

108. what should you be doing?

110. favorite color?
Pink / Baby Blue.

111. what are you thinking about?
What I should say to him.

114. is there someone who is on your mind non-stop?

115. how did this week go?
It went okay.

116. what are you doing on tuesday?
I forget.

118. has anyone ever shocked you, when you thought they liked you?

119. have you ever been asked to a grad?

120. how tall are you?
5'1" - 5'2".

121. hair color?
I don't even know.

122. are you sleepy?
No really.

123. do you enjoy being tickled?
... *___* YES.

124. is there anyone who tickles you just because it annoys you?

125. whats your background on your phone?
Nobody / nothing.

127. whats your locker number?
I forget.

128. whos your locker neighbors?
Jillian, Alicia, ChunYoung, Natasha.

130. next meal will be?
I don't know.

131. can you see the stars?
Not at the moment, no.

132. last person to sign into MSN?

134. your on a desert island, what is the one thing you'd bring?

135. what time is it?

136. ever had a wart?

137. have you seen your family recently?
My mom.
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06 February 2009 @ 11:13 pm
What is the strangest advice you've ever received from a fortune cookie?

"You just saved a child's eyesight, thank you."
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02 February 2009 @ 03:35 pm
<3 MAN


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31 January 2009 @ 03:38 pm
Because everyone else is. XD
Less than 20=Seme
More than 20=Uke

01-[x] You like to be content in everything.
02-[x] When a person confesses his/her love to you and you don’t like him/her, you start feeling very tense and/or you don’t know what to say.
03-[x] You enjoy listening to smooth and relaxing music.
04-[x] You are quite hyperactive.
05-[ ] If you don’t like something, you start crying and you don’t care if you start talking too loud.
06-[x] You love candies or any type of caramel.
07-[x] You like making others blush.
08-[x] You sleep with a doll/ teddy bear/ pillow in your hand.
09-[ ] You’re usually shy with the opposite sex .
10-[x] You like romantic- funny anime.
11-[x] Between L or Light cosplay, you prefer L.
12-[x] You have listened “an café”.
13-[x] You like listening to it (the above band).
14-[x] You have 1 or 2 song on your computer of “an café”.
15-[x] You are innocent and a little clumsy.
16-[x] You smile at kitties.
17-[ ] You usually say –kawaii-.
18-[x] You like plushies.
19-[x] Between light blue and blue, you prefer light blue.
20-[x] You hate Paris Hilton because she is an idiot.
21-[x] You have been lost in a shopping center/parking/cinema.
22-[x] You have called to the mistaken number twice or more.
23-[ ] You cried with Pocahontas' ending.
24-[ ] You have used a very feminine dress or shirt.
25-[ ] You call your pets with cute names.
26-[x] You believe that yaoi/yuri is the best.
[Eww. Yuri... BUT YAOI <3]
27-[x] You're easily to trick/convince.
28-[x] Some men scare you.
29-[x] You have seen Pucca and you like it.
30-[x] You have pink/red clothes or they are decorated with flowers.
31-[x] Sometimes you start looking at the clouds and you get lost in space.
32-[ ] You’ve said “Kyao” or something like that before.
33-[ ] When a person of your same sex gets angry with you, you’re at the defensive.
34-[x] You like j-pop.
35-[x] You have cried for more than one movie/TV series.
36-[ ] You watched gravitation and you felt like Shuichi-you watched strawberry panic and you felt like Nagisa.
37-[x] You smile with no reason.
38-[x] You usually are very positive.
39-[x] When there’s a rainbow, you run out to see it.
40-[ ] You usually don’t understand what your parents say.

Total = 30

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26 January 2009 @ 07:24 pm
SORRY LJ! I'm sorry I neglected you!!

*hugs LJ*

So, I'm into TVXQ now.
Ohsnap. Lol

Wait, I think I said that in an earlier entry, I think in a live version of Mirotic.

Oh well, "Wrong Number". <3
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12 December 2008 @ 10:48 pm

~ Anna.
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